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Programs : Budget Sheet

The following listing represents the Academic Year Budget Sheet for University College Cork.

Academic Year Budget Sheet for University College Cork
Academic Year Budget Sheet for University College Cork
Budget Item
Study Abroad Admin Fee *
Tuition & Fees - Academic Year (Non-exchange) *  
Insurance - GeoBlue (Required) *  
Cashier Billed Expenses subtotal: 
Application Fee  
Airfare (estimate)  
Books (estimate)  
Housing (estimate)  
Immigration - Registration Fee  
Meals (estimate)  
Personal Expenses (estimate)  
Out-of-Pocket Estimates subtotal: 

Understanding the Program Budget

Line items on the budget sheet are sorted into two sections: 
  • Billable Expenses: Cashier Billed Expenses are charges applied to your UNC Student Account. You will not pay tuition or program fees to your host institution abroad
  • Non-billable Estimates: In addition to the program costs paid to UNC, you will have expenses associated with international travel and living abroad. These are estimated out of pocket expenses you pay yourself. The given amounts are estimated costs based on current exchange rates and on the information provided to us by your host institution and past participants. Depending on your personal spending habits, you may spend more or less than the figures provided. Please note that these expenses do not include vacation travel or sightseeing.
Remember that even fixed costs, such as a visa application fee, are subject to change without notice.

Billing and Payments

Line items listed under Billable Expenses will be charged to your UNC Student Account. Charges and deadlines occur on the same timeline as billing for the term at UNC. See the University Cashier’s Important Dates page for more information.

Special Notes

Tuition & Fees: Students will be billed by UNC the program sponsor/host university tuition rates (rate listed is an estimate and is subject to change due to exchange rate fluctuations - charges to your student account may be adjusted once UNC receives the final invoice from the host institution, which may be after you have paid your UNC bill).
Application Fee: The Application Fee is non-refundable and must be paid by the Application Deadline. See your program application for more details.  

Study Abroad Fee: The Study Abroad Administrative Fee will be billed to your student account only if you accept an offer from the Study Abroad Office to study abroad. If you withdraw from a program after accepting the offer, you still will be charged in the same billing cycle. However, you may apply the paid fee to a future UNC Study Abroad program. 

Registration Fee - Immigration: The Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB) of Ireland charges a registration fee for students staying in Ireland longer than three months. The amount listed is the USD equivalent of the amount charged in Euros and is subject to change based on exchange rate fluctuations.

Early Start Program: Not listed are the costs associated with the Optional Early Start Program, which include:
  • Tuition: $1200
  • Housing: $300
  • GeoBlue: $25 (approximately) will be billed for additional days of coverage required

This budget is an estimate valid at the time of printing and is subject to change. Last cost update: 10/31/2017

* Billable item